NIT Kurukshetra North Zone

Dr. Satish Kumar ( Director )

The Central Government in consultation with the Planning Commission had sanctioned a scheme of establishment of Regional Engineering Colleges under the Third Five Year Plain in order to expand the facilities for technical education in the country during the plan period. The w:st="on"Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra was one of the seventeen colleges in the country.

Vide letter No. 16-4/60-T.5, dated the 26th February, 1962 from the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs, New Delhi, it was established in the year 1963 as a joint and cooperative enterprise of Govt. of India and the State Government of Haryana to serve the State of Haryana and the rest of the country for imparting technical training to youth and for fostering national integration. Its objective was to provide instructions and research facilities in various disciplines of engineering and technology and the advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge in each such discipline. Read More


Being the Director of an ‘Institution of National Importance ‘is a matter of pride as well as a burden of responsibility. This position has been held by many stalwarts who have nurtured this institution to where it is today and given it a glorious past of over fifty years. Now, as the baton has passed on to me, I realize that it is for me to lay a roadmap that would take this institution to even greater heights.

NIT Kurukshetra has been successfully fulfilling its mandate of developing competent professionals to serve not only our country, but the world as a whole. More than thirty thousand alumni proudly consider this institution their Alma Mater. Many of them have occupied important positions across the country and the globe and have made meaningful contributions to their professions and to advancing the quality of life through their innovative ideas. I applaud their contributions.

We live at a time when our country is striving to occupy its deserving place among the developed countries of the world. This can happen only if technology leads the way. Today we hardly have any technology that we can rightfully claim as having originated in this country. That makes it imperative that we develop an ecosystem, both at the macro level and micro level, that would facilitate creation of new technologies. I strongly believe that as an institution of technology, our primary goal has to be develop such an ecosystem where students are encouraged to go beyond merely acquiring knowledge to applying knowledge for practical purposes. Having come from a research background and having seen, at close quarters, what meaningful research output can do for the growth and prestige of the country, I am convinced that research has to be a thrust area for our institutions of higher learning. I would strive to provide that thrust in this institution. If we succeed in enthusing our faculty, staff and students towards this end, our institute would become a cradle of creative and innovative ideas that can help develop new technologies, which, in turn, would transform our country.

Located in Dharmkshetre Kurukshetre, where the good fought the evil and emerged successful, a stress on value-education should come naturally to this institution. For the present-day students who are targeting success in the material world, it is difficult, even confusing, to be receptive to the idea of inculcating ethics and values in their thinking and practice. But that cannot be a reason for not making it a part of the education we provide the budding professionals. I make no lofty claims in this regard, except that we are constantly gripped by the need to somehow make this a part of our teaching-learning process so that the outcome of this process is not only a competent professional but a compassionate human being.

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