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About PAN NIT Alumni Forum

PAN NIT Alumni Forum is an Umbrella organization, covering Alumni Associations and thereby Alumni of all NITs, to evolve a brand " NIT " that would provide strong fraternity.

Our Mission

Providing platform to build global
Professional Networks by bringing all NIT Alumni together.

Under Construction
Under Construction

Our Vision

To Foster Brand ‘NIT’ Globally


Aims and Objectives of PNAF

The Aims and Objectives of the Society were created which have been summarised as follows:

  • Help establish the Vision of the Society “To Foster Brand NIT Globally”.
  • Build and continuously enhance the Vision by providing a platform to build global Professional Networks by bringing all NIT Alumni together.
  • National Integration: To establish a Spirit of unity and goodwill among the member NITs
  • Strengthening Interface: To create and strengthen an active and lasting relationship amongst all NITs & Alumni Associations.
  • Governance: To participate in Apex Bodies like NIT Council/ Board of Governors/ Senate.
  • Knowledge Hub and Sharing: To create Alumni Resources for the development of Technical / Managerial skills of the Alumni / Faculty / Student.
  • Quality and Standard: Help establish Programs and Policies for the improvement of quality and professional standards of education.
  • Holistic Development: To create an Eco System for technical knowledge, skills and holistic personalities for responsible citizens.
  • Skill Development: To foster the Skill development activities as an outreach initiative
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: To create a framework for bringing together accomplished Alumni researchers, entrepreneurs, students and faculty.